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Record to Excel

Use Records2Excel to export records to Microsoft Excel. This script works with any records list which can be tagged and export all record's properties (fields values): emails, internet history, mobile phone processing results ....
ie : Export SMS, MMS, Calls and Contact names from your mobile phone's Case to Microsoft Excel and perform sorts on phone numbers, create timelines mixing SMS MMS and phone calls...

Decide if you prefer to obtain :
– One Excel file with a worksheet dedicated to SMS, another to MMS …
– Group SMS and MMS in a single worksheet to be able to sort it by date, phone number or any other record property.
– Create a worksheet with Contacts list, to be able, under Excel, to create associations with Excel « vlookup » function between contacts Ids and contacts real names.

EnScript parameters will permit to :
• Split sheets if you exceed Excel number of lines per sheet limit.
• Remove unneeded properties
• … This script requires Microsoft Excel to be installed on the investigator´s computer.

v2.0 :
- Decode, on demand, fields such as «77 77 77 2e 67 6f 6f 67 6c 65 2e 65 73», (found mostly in emails records)
- Highlight such decoded fields on demand
- Bug corrected which let several Excel running in memory when this script is used sevreal times in the same EnCase session.

Instruction manual included in download.

Note: This EnScript is no longer supported and updates, bug fixes or support portal help should not be expected.

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Download Now


Version: 2
Tested with:
EnCase Forensic 7.09
Developer: Guidance Software
Category: Utility

7 Downloads in last 6 months