OpenText EnCase Endpoint Investigator

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OpenText EnCase Endpoint Investigator overview

OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator allows organizations to search across multiple systems to locate the information relevant to their case. With EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator, it is easy to preview and collect data over a network, even on employee or contractor systems.

Save time

Acquire clear and actionable evidence quickly and reliably, both on and off the network, for any type of investigation, from HR and regulatory issues to compliance violations, IP theft and more.

Reduce costs

Eliminate the costs associated with external investigators and disruptions to business operations with a dynamic, flexible and scalable investigation process.

Improve productivity

Access devices remotely and gain visibility into endpoints to enable discreet investigations and ensure employee productivity.

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Learn how corporations can conduct internal investigations with EnCase™.

Modernize digital investigations

Insider threats represent the greatest malicious threat to an enterprise’s critical resources. Learn the strategies needed for a modern cyber investigative infrastructure.

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Key product capabilities

With powerful evidence processing, integrated workflows and flexible reporting, OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator delivers a comprehensive approach to the investigation lifecycle and empowers examiners to surface relevant evidence and close cases quickly.

Simplify triage across networks

Easily review information stored on network and off-VPN endpoints to enable realtime responses.

  • Rank evidence by importance
  • Evaluate evidence in realtime
  • Acquire relevant information in a timely manner

Gather more data from more devices

Quickly acquire the evidence needed from every endpoint regardless of its location to ensure a seamless investigative process.

  • Collect data from multiple devices and cloud services
  • Locate forensic artifacts on social media platforms
  • Recover deleted or modified files
  • Simplify team collaboration with easy share functions
  • Unify evidence while maintaining its integrity

Bring expertise to the forefront

Enable deep forensic and fast triage analysis to find evidence quickly and close cases faster using a wide range of features that have been built with the examiner in mind.

  • Improve investigator efficiency with customized workflows
  • Expand investigative capabilities with automated tasks
  • Capture and analyze RAM from target machines
  • Compare potentially related artifacts side by side
  • Analyze timelines to quickly identify relevant evidence
  • Locate hidden evidence with optical character recognition

Get clear and detailed reports

Utilize the most powerful and flexible reporting tool among digital investigation platforms to ensure all the relevant data is compiled and shared in well-structured reports.

  • Present information clearly and succinctly
  • Export information into various file formats as needed
  • Share customized, easy-to-read reports with relevant parties

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