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Real World Application in the Classroom

To effectively teach the principles of computer forensics professors must combine lectures and practical applications of digital investigation techniques into a structure that enables students to comprehend the material quickly. With the EnCase Academic Program, universities and colleges get the tools they need to create a dynamic learning environment at a price anyone can afford.

The EnCase Academic Program enables universities to offer every student hands-on experience with EnCase® Forensic as they complete their studies in IT security and computer forensics.

As students learn the theories around forensically sound acquisition, evidence examination, and data carving, they can put these theories into practice by examining evidence with EnCase Forensic. In addition, professors can structure their lessons around simulated investigations, increasing the interaction of their students with the content of the Academic Program.
For the student, gaining experience with EnCase Forensic in the course of their education can be invaluable in their pursuit of a computer forensics career. Many organizations use EnCase as their computer forensic investigation software, thus, a student graduating with experience using EnCase Forensic in digital forensic investigations will have a competitive advantage over others entering the job market.

Ultimately, the practical application universities can offer with the EnCase Academic Program will prepare students for a successful career in computer forensics.

Everything a University needs in One Package

The EnCase Academic Program includes the fundamental tools that a University needs to effectively incorporate EnCase Forensic into their curriculum. The combination of software, on-demand Essentials online training, and a personal license of EnCase Forensic enable a student to get the most out of the university program and EnCase.

Key Benefits

  • Offer students practical, hands-on experience with the industry leading EnCase Forensic software
  • Use classroom time on theory, principles, and collaborative discussions, while the students learn the fundamentals of EnCase at their own pace
  • Enable students to use their new found knowledge of computer forensics anytime, anywhere
  • Flexible licensing options to meet diverse needs of educational institutions worldwide

What's Included?

  • EnCase Forensic - The most advanced, proven, and trusted forensic software on the market
  • EnCase Endpoint Investigator(Site License offering only) - Incorporate live investigation techniques and principles into your curriculum, giving student valuable exposure completing remote forensic investigations
  • Course Materials - To help professors incorporate EnCase Forensic into their curriculum
  • EnCase Forensic Student Edition(Optional Add-On) - We offer a student edition of EnCase Forensic on a term basis for use by students only. This allows students to continue working with the software even when they outside of the computer lab. With this added capability professors can extend their curriculum to cover topics more in-depth.

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