OpenText Managed Extended Detection and Response (MxDR)

Scale your security team and uncover hidden threats

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The cyber threat challenge

Rapid changes in the cyber threat landscape require organizations to uncover hidden risks and threats before they have an impact on the bottom line, operations and reputation. Organizations can no longer rely on perimeter defenses for network security, especially against pernicious ransomware attacks. In addition, many security teams don't have the resources required to effectively monitor security alerts or detect and respond against advanced threats.

Our solution

See how OpenText Managed Extended Detection and Response uncovers hidden threats.

OpenText™ Managed Extended Detection and Response (MxDR) is built around a 100% remote, cloud-based virtual security Operations Center (V-SOC) supported by machine learning and MITRE ATT&CK framework. Using artificial intelligence and advanced workflows, develop correlations between computer, network and device logs. BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services is integrated directly to help businesses understand the scope and impact of any security event for immediate threat validation to known malware. OpenText MxDR experts will identify, investigate and prioritize alerts, saving you time and effort and allowing internal teams to focus on business operations.

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  • Collection

    OpenText MxDR can ingest any log source and develop correlations between desktops, laptops, servers, firewall logs, IoT devices, IDS logs, proxy logs, and more.

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and detection

    OpenText MxDR provides organizations with active monitoring and intelligence-based detection of the latest threats delivering a 30 minute MTTD.

  • Rapid investigation and response

    Once a threat is detected our team of experts conduct an in-depth investigation to identify the origin of compromise, extent of the breach and intent.


  • AI-powered threat detection

    Provides comprehensive security monitoring supported by machine learning and MITRE ATT&CK framework delivering a 99% detection rate.

  • Integrated award winning threat intelligence

    Powered by a next-gen SIEM and integrated with BrightCloud Threat Intelligence, OpenText MxDR helps you understand the full scope and impact of an event.

  • Noise reduction and alert validation

    Use unmatched security workflows that reduce alert and event noise up to 97%, saving analysts valuable time and providing confidence in any findings.

  • Behavioral analytics

    Leverage our extensive experience and understanding of threat actors tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) for smarter detection and remediation of risks.

  • Digital forensic investigation expertise

    Pair best-in-breed technologies alongside security personnel with more than 15 years of experience working in breach response investigations and malware analysis.

  • Intuitive user experience

    Empowers you with full access to the platform including shared ticketing and dashboards with role-based access controls.

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