Digital forensics investigations

Identify, extract, preserve and document computer evidence

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The digital forensics investigation challenge

Almost every company will eventually need to conduct a digital investigation. Litigation, data breaches, fraud, insider threats, HR issues, and other cybersecurity incidents are largely unavoidable. The same goes for law enforcement authorities, as criminal activity increasingly moves online. Whether a corporate or law enforcement investigator, you need to gather all data pertinent to your investigation, analyze it at the deepest forensic level, and produce trusted reports.

Our solution

OpenText™ EnCase™ solutions have been the leader in digital investigation software for two decades, beginning as a solution utilized by law enforcement to solve criminal cases. Since then, digital forensics practices have also made their way to the corporate world for cybersecurity, corporate investigations, and eDiscovery purposes. Just as federal and state authorities look for digital evidence to convict lawbreakers, IT managers, security professionals, and legal teams use EnCase solutions to collect and preserve evidence to analyze and defend against a cyberattack, stop an insider threat, or complete an internal investigation.

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  • Data acquisition

    Acquire data from a wide variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, GPS and other devices associated with the Internet of Things.

  • Forensic investigation

    Gain visibility into actions by locating potentially relevant evidence and conducting a comprehensive, forensically sound investigation.

  • Extensive reporting

    Produce detailed, customized reports on findings while maintaining evidence integrity.


  • Thorough evidence collection

    Acquire evidence from a wide variety of sources, and dig deep into those sources to ensure that any potentially relevant information to your case is highlighted.

  • Customizable workflows

    Optimize investigator workflows with predefined or customized conditions to improve the efficiency of your investigation.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Provide other investigators, attorneys, judges and senior executives with the detailed evidence results they need to come to conclusions and close cases faster.

  • Enhanced efficiency

    Eliminate the disruption to business operations with a dynamic, flexible and scalable process for conducting investigations.

  • Improved productivity

    Remotely access devices and gain visibility to endpoints, including those off the network, to enable discreet investigations and ensure employee productivity.

  • Detection of unknown threats

    Detect unknown risks or threats even before data exfiltration has begun and respond to any events for validation and triage.

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