Incident Response Rapidly Respond to Cyber Attacks and Keep Your Organization’s Data Safe

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The Challenge

Today’s businesses are up against seemingly endless cybersecurity threats that lurk around every corner. As hackers and their tools become increasingly advanced, no network is completely impenetrable. Security professionals must realize this and be prepared when the inevitable breach does occur. Not having a strong incident response strategy in place puts an entire organization much more at risk –including its customers, employees, and partners.

To effectively respond when a breach does occur, you need to not only design a comprehensive, detailed, and well-tested plan, but also must allocate the appropriate level of technological and human resources that will see that plan through when necessary.

Our Solution

Trusted by corporations and government agencies worldwide, EnCase Endpoint Security, EnCase Endpoint Investigator, and EnCase Mobile Investigator are solutions that will help your team quickly address security incidents of all types. Using these advanced digital forensic tools, you can identify, contain, and quickly eliminate threats that have breached your preventative security wall.

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Why us

For two decades, we have set and exceeded industry standards for incident response efficacy. You can count on our advanced tools and experienced specialists to help you:

  • Triage security incidents
  • Return endpoint and mobile devices to a trusted state
  • Identify the source of the incident
  • Develop a world-class program
  • Quickly remediate issues

How we do it

Security professionals must always have an incident response plan in place that includes advanced threat detection and response tools. We can show you how our line of industry-leading EnCase solutions can help your organization stop breaches before they become disasters, protecting your information and stakeholders.

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  • Infographic

    The Incident Response Decision Tree

    The Incident Response Decision Tree is a poster that outlines the decisions that need to be made in a breach.

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  • White paper

    Incident Response: Six Steps for Managing Cyber Breaches

    Now that security breaches are practically unavoidable, organizations must adopt new postures to be prepared for and successfully respond to incidents right at the first sign of intrusion.

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  • White paper

    The Total Economic Impact Of EnCase Endpoint Security For Incident Response

    A global automobile manufacturer (GAM) opened its doors, books, and data to research firm Forrester to conduct a detailed study and analysis of the net benefit the manufacturer realized from the Incident Response (IR) capabilities of EnCase Endpoint Security.

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