OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security

Validate, analyze, triage and respond to malicious attacks with 360-degree endpoint visibility

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Detect and respond to attacks with confidence

OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Security provides security teams with a comprehensive view to validate, analyze and respond to incidents quickly and completely.

360-degree endpoint visibility

Get in-depth visibility into forensic artifacts on endpoints throughout the enterprise. Comprehensive endpoint telemetry detection provides the full context of an attack enabling quicker response.

Realtime detection and response

Detect threats in realtime with integrated threat intelligence and view alerts in an easy-to-read interface for the visibility needed to swiftly detect and act.

Flexibility to address new threats

Use the simple rule-builder interface to connect to additional data sources, add new rules and update configurations to easily adapt and customize to leverage the latest attack tactics.

Confidently detect and respond to threats with EnCase Endpoint Security

Secure your data

Cyber-attacks are on the rise. Learn about the challenges facing endpoint protection and how to prevent cyber-attacks.

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Key product capabilities

As a leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution, OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security empowers organizations to tackle the most advanced forms of attacks at the endpoint, whether from external actors or internal threats.

  • Advanced detection

    Offers the latest pre-filtered detection rules aligned to the latest MITRE ATT&CK framework to help teams detect anomalies, including those resulting from the SolarWinds and HAFNIUM breaches.

  • Triage and analysis

    Identify and log changes and create an event timeline of activity for root-cause analysis. Use configurable realtime monitoring capabilities for the necessary level of visibility and insight required to monitor all network endpoints at scale.

  • Response and remediation

    Accelerate response time and reduce data loss, legal risk and reputational damage, while reducing triage time by up to 90% to help incident response teams validate, assess and remediate malicious activity.

“All of our other systems failed where EnCase didn’t…We were able to use EnCase to detect the offender in this case, and take action…”

Joshua Marlin, Manager of Security Operations, Lennar

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“…EnCase Endpoint Security allows me to see where the activities are happening over the network, to see when it happened, where it happened, who did it and be able to mitigate the risk…”

James Ferrenburg, Cybersecurity Consultant, Lennar

“EnCase Endpoint Security helps us mitigate any kind of cyber issue, any kind of malware…and remove those threats from our network before there is any kind of a breach.”

Fortune 500 Luxury Resort Group

“No other product in the world could do this. It’s our secret weapon.”

Fortune 500 Global Automobile Manufacturer

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