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At OpenText Security, we know that bringing order out of chaos is a top priority. Our years working side-by-side with professionals like you have proven that knowledge is powerful – if it's the right data at just the right time. To get that, you need visibility, and no product or technology on the market today delivers broader, deeper visibility than our endpoint agent, which flips the switch on data and activity from the kernel level on up, across servers, and even into the cloud. See more of what matters right now and keep your business on track.


Proven in the courtroom and trusted in the boardroom, OpenText Security provides smart and dependable solutions to problems that often go undetected or unsolved on the endpoint. We know how to get a business back on track fast so you can restore order and feel confident.

  • Litigation management

    Streamline the eDiscovery process so attorneys can focus on case strategy.

  • Digital investigation

    Equip your team with the gold-standard in digital forensics to find the evidence and close your case.

  • Internal investigation

    Complete investigations across your network from a central location, saving time, money, and resources.

  • Mobile investigation

    Optimize your approach to mobile device forensics to seamlessly work through your cases.


OpenText Security solutions let you readily establish visibility to all your data, regardless of where and how it's stored. See what matters on each and every network endpoint and in every data store in your organization, then transform that critical data into intelligence that fuels more effective security, risk and compliance, legal, and internal investigations.

Tableau hardware

In the field and in the lab, Tableau™ forensic imagers, bridges, and password-recovery appliances help investigators unlock and acquire data with lightning speed and complete reliability.


Count on trusted advisors, and staffing partners who collaborate with your team to deliver the best security and digital investigations strategies and practices anywhere.


Learn from award-winning trainers who bring real-world experience from jobs just like yours so you can build the very latest skills, secure your company and its data, and close more cases faster.


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