Tableau Forensic Bridges

The best known family of write blockers ensures the integrity of digital evidence

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Tableau Forensic Bridges overview

Permits read-only access to data storage devices without compromising the integrity of the data.


Takes up minimal space in your toolkit, your desktop or your workstation with its small form factor.


Ruggedly engineered to travel easily to a crime scene for immediate forensic imaging operations. Available as an internal form factor for use in forensic grade workstations.

Easy to use

Clearly labeled ports, informative LED status screens and detailed activity lights provide a no-nonsense user experience to get the job done.

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Capturing digital evidence with Tableau Forensic.

Catch the truth

In a world of zero trust and evolving threat intelligence, law enforcement requires new forensic capabilities to manage the challenges of today’s investigations.

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Key product capabilities

The increasing diversity, size and sophistication of digital media makes evidence collection a challenge. Tableau Forensic Bridges are the tools field agents, lab technicians and forensic investigators turn to when they need consistent results.

Image from a variety of digital media

Whether it’s new, high-performance interfaces used on the latest device types, or legacy interfaces from digital media from a decade or more in the past, Tableau Forensic Bridges always deliver reliable connectivity.

  • SAS
  • PCIe
  • USB3
  • FireWire 800/IEEE 1394b
  • Most include fast USB 3.0 host connection

For use in the forensic lab

When imaging and investigation are conducted in a forensic lab, examiners often depend on their forensic workstation as part of the process. Tableau Forensic Bridges easily integrate into a workstation to maximize the use of valuable space.

  • Supports acquisitions of SATA, USB3, PCIe, SAS, Firewire 800 and IDE
  • Mounts in one 5.25” half height drive bay
  • Read/write model capabilities for all device ports via internal DIP switch
  • USB 3.0 host connection

Optimized imaging

Although commonly managed via EnCase Forensic software, Tableau Forensic Bridges can also be managed with Tableau Imager (aka TIM) for forensic imaging productivity.

  • Manages imaging, hashing, logging, and more
  • Intuitive, information-rich application
  • Available free of charge

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