EnCase App Central FAQ

Q. Am I able to view the source code for the apps?
A. No, the source code is protected to in order to provide you with the most competitive options. 

Q. Who writes and tests the apps that are offered in EnCase App Central?
A. The majority of apps are written by EnCase users, third-party software developers and Guidance Software employees. The apps are tested within Guidance Software only to ensure they contain no malicious code.

Q. What is EnCase App Central?
A. Guidance Software developed EnCase App Central as an online app marketplace allow our users and internal development teams to submit and share their EnScripts.

Q. How do I submit my App?
A. To submit an app, you must first fill out the form from the link below. Upon completing this form you’ll be provided a submission tool with which you can submit your app.  https://www.guid.com/app/become-a-developer

Q. Who do I contact for technical support?
A. All apps on App Central are supported by the developer or company that created them. Please contact them directly in their EnCase App Central sub-forum on the Guidance Support Portal. The link to the support portal can be found on the app product page on App Central.

Q. Who do I contact for customer service?
A. customerservice@guid.com or +1 (626) 229-9191

Q. What countries are eligible/not eligible to download apps?
A. Apps are currently available in the countries that appear on this list:  http://www.bis.doc.gov/encryption/740supp3.pdf