Ransomware and data exfiltration

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The evolving ransomware challenge

Modern ransomware attacks are constantly evolving and finding new ways to gain an advantage. The convergence of ransomware with data exfiltration creates an especially pernicious threat to organizations and government agencies. Threat actors are not only encrypting data, but are also demanding large ransom amounts and threatening to release customer data publicly. When it's a race against time, you need a team of security experts backed by best-of-breed technology on your side.

Our solution

OpenText™ Security solutions provide a holistic approach to help identify, defend and recover from a cyber attack. OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Security monitors suspicious activity at the endpoint and can be configured to isolate a machine from the network at the first sign of an attacker gaining access to it. OpenText continuously develops custom content in its Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) based on tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) delivering 99% detection rate and 30-minute mean time to detection. Detections are triggered on anomalous user account behavior within hours of OpenText MDR deployment. Immediately, analysts can direct the client to disable the account while they begin to remotely investigate the intrusion.

  • Comprehensive root cause analysis

    Understand how the threat actors gain initial access, how they maintain persistence and how they escalate privileges and move laterally.

  • Perform rapid remediation

    Effectively identify threats and remove any ransomware executables or backdoors, before financial or reputational damage occurs.

  • Seamless recovery

    Understand what data was encrypted and when to assist in restoring the affected endpoints.


  • Visibility and monitoring

    Provides full visibility into all endpoints to identify anomalous behaviors, triage threats, and take action to remediate when necessary.

  • Integrated threat intelligence

    Benefit from directly integrated advanced threat intelligence allowing for immediate threat validation.

  • Detect and respond

    Connect content, people and process to get more productivity, collaboration, governance and compliance.

  • Mitigate risks

    Uncover hidden risks and threats before they make an impact financially, legally or reputationally.

  • Trusted security experts

    Leverage security analysts with more than 15+ years of experience each working breach response investigations and malware analysis engagements.

  • Cyber risk assessment

    Gain an in-depth understanding of your organization's security posture, vulnerabilities and create a clear plan forward to defend against ransomware attacks.

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