M&A Cyber Risk Assessment

Conduct In-depth Cyber Threat Assessments as Part of Your Due Diligence

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The Challenge

During typical merger or acquisition talks, there are countless questions that need to be taken into consideration to ensure a smooth integration. Cybersecurity is no exception. The security posture of a potential acquisition must be thoroughly evaluated during M&A due diligence. Not taking security into account can cause major business problems and put customers, employees, and partners at risk.


The Guidance Software 360° Threat Assessment service offers organizations the capability to gain an in-depth understanding of a potential acquisition target’s current security posture and where they may be falling short. This assessment is crucial to understanding weaknesses in their security environment before it’s too late, and helps you understand how vulnerabilities can be addressed.

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The Science of Threat Detection at Forensic Depth

Guidance Software leverages a neural network utilizing artificial intelligence to detect the latest ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and remote access trojans (RATs), including their polymorphic variants and the latest Indicators of Compromise (IOC) to find known threats. Unlike typical analytics approaches that can take a month or longer, we can detect anomalies from day one. Guidance provides 360-degree visibility into your endpoints and sees anomalous user and endpoint behavior, which can signal an active adversary. The ability to operate off forensic artifacts is paramount, as malware may be long gone from your environment, or operate below OS awareness. Behavioral analysis scores forensic residue, detecting signs of injection in memory, time sequence anomalies, and examines installation methods for root cause analysis.

Rapid Triage

Outlier Analytics approach automates threat scoring behavior and forensic evidence analysis to reduce time and cost of investigations.

Agentless Architecture Bypasses Change Management

This service is delivered from the cloud and utilizes agentless technology, enabling Guidance to be up and running faster than any services team in the industry. Endpoint control occurs over the existing SMB port, already open in standard networks. Collections occur in micro-increments and are extremely light on the wire, avoiding end user disruptions.

How We Do It

With our agentless and cloud-based tool, the 360° Threat Assessment provides security teams with a thorough forensic audit of their endpoints, to detect advanced threats existing in their environment at unprecedented speeds. After the assessment, teams receive a comprehensive report detailing all data analytics, risk scores, with real-world, actionable recommendations.

Let us show you how our threat assessment service can help your team evaluate security systems and potential weaknesses during merger or acquisition due diligence.

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