Investigating Employee Misconduct in a Remote Digital Workplace Investigate off-network endpoints and remote users without interruption

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Digital investigations grow even more complex when the employee under investigation operates in a remote or work-from-home environment, leading to challenges around investigation fidelity and the inability to access 100% of the required evidence.

Additionally, discretion is critical in many internal investigations to prevent any potential tampering with or deletion of evidence. Incomplete or compromised evidence due to mishandling of evidentiary data can result in sanctions, fines, or even criminal charges.

OpenText allows security and digital forensic teams complete visibility into digital evidence, no matter the device or location, to investigate everywhere across their organization.



Investigate Everywhere

Throroughly investigate any endpoint regardless of the OS, cloud source, encryption technology or artifact type involved in the collection.


Reduce Investigation Time

Investigators no longer need to wait for the acquisition target to reconnect to the corporate network to continue investigations.


Improve Case Outcomes

Access all the evidence needed for an investigation and forensically preserve evidence to avoid case dismissal.


Maintain business continuity with asynchronous monitoring and timely investigation results

Reduce legal and regulatory risk with defensible results and forensic accuracy. High-fidelity investigative findings ensure confident actions and resolutions.

Featured components

Offline monitoring and investigative capabilities are based on the OpenText™ EnCase™ product suite:

OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator

Perform remote, discreet and secure internal investigations without disrupting an employee’s productivity or day-to-day operations.

OpenText™ EnCase™ Mobile Investigator

Augment the mobile acquisition capabilities of EnCase™ Endpoint Investigator with the ability to intuitively view, analyze and report on critical mobile evidence relevant to a case.

OpenText Media Analyzer

Identify case-relevant pictures matching 12 pre-defined categories including pornography and extremism and reduce the amount of content to manually review, significantly decreasing the time to discover critical evidence.

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