Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Rapid detection. Forensic-grade response.

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The enterprise security challenge

Malicious actors are increasingly designing attacks that evade traditional endpoint prevention and protection tools. At the same time, security analysts are being overwhelmed with alerts from their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and security technologies, impeding their ability to analyze, prioritize and respond to threats before irreparable damage or data loss occurs. With ransomware attacks on the rise, organizations need to establish better visibility into their corporate endpoints to mitigate these risks.

Our solution

OpenText™ EnCase™ Endpoint Security enables security teams to redefine their workflow from passive ‘alerting’ mode to proactive ‘threat hunting’, actively scanning for anomalies. Security teams can continuously monitor files and applications entering enterprise endpoints for contextual threat identification and investigative response. Advanced EDR solutions enable earlier detection, faster decision making and comprehensive threat response. With integrated threat intelligence and forensic grade remediation, EnCase Endpoint Security is purpose-built to stop the most advanced threats.

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  • Advanced threat detection

    Real-time continuous monitoring and pre-packaged filters that address the latest attacks.

  • Alert contextualization and triage

    Threat scoring and intelligence is applied to all detections and third-party generated events to provide the full context of an attack.

  • Comprehensive response

    Digital forensic incident response (DFIR) underpinnings provide trusted, comprehensive visibility into target systems and remediation.


  • Full visibility

    Get a 360 degree view of the endpoint with forensic access to artifacts, user and application interactions, memory and device data, encrypted data and metadata.

  • Advanced threat intelligence

    Integration with BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence offers URL reputation analytics ensuring users and endpoints are safe from threats and malicious websites.

  • Highly scalable and compatible

    Easily deploy and scale to 100,000+ nodes across your environment and continuously monitor all endpoint activity.

  • Event timeline view

    Easily reconstruct a timeline for root cause, triage and other incident response tasks.

  • Automation

    Powerful workflow automation capabilities available through REST APIs.

  • Flexibility

    Add new rules, update configurations and connect to additional data sources to handle the latest attack tactics and techniques.

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