Tableau Forensic Accessories

Delivering the convenience of everything you need to conduct your device imaging operations

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Tableau Forensic Accessories overview

Cabling, adapters, expansion modules and power supplies for the entire line of Tableau Forensic imaging solutions.

Everything you need

There’s nothing worse than setting about a job and realizing you’re missing the right cable or adapter. Tableau Forensic Accessories ensure you have everything you need to get the job done.


A variety of options, from Firewire, SATA, IDE and Apple adapters to single and power cables and power supplies, that enable your Tableau Imager, Duplicator or Bridge to connect to any environment.

Time tested, case proven

Depend on quality accessories to ensure you get the most out of the features and performance of your Tableau Forensic Imagers, Duplicators and Bridges.

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Capturing digital evidence with Tableau Forensic.

Catch the truth

In a world of zero trust and evolving threat intelligence, law enforcement requires new forensic capabilities to manage the challenges of today’s investigations.

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Key product capabilities

The increasing diversity, size and sophistication of digital media makes evidence collection a challenge. Tableau Forensic Accessories enable field agents, lab technicians and investigators to start imaging with their Tableau Forensic device.

Widespread compatibility

Attach to a variety of devices. You never know what kind of an environment you’re going to run into when conducting imaging operations, especially when you’re doing investigations in the field at a crime scene. Tableau Forensic Accessories help you be prepared.

  • PCIe adapter cables
  • USB cables
  • Drive power cables & power supplies
  • SATA & SAS signal and/or power cables
  • IDE cables
  • FireWire cables

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