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RegRipper Launcher

“RegRipper is the fastest, easiest and best tool for registry analysis in forensic examinations.”

The RegRipper Launcher EnScript does just that, launches RegRipper directly from EnCase. Select the desired registries in EnCase, run the RegRipper Launcher from the EnScript drop down and view the results in console mode and/or Word. You can also bookmark your findings.

Using this EnScript you will no longer have to export "ntuser.dat" files and remember who was the owner of this registry. Just check all "ntuser.dat" files, run the script and check results or bookmarks. This EnScript will automatically adapt itself to any new RegRipper plugins you may install.

Requires RegRipper, created and maintained by Harlan Carvey. RegRipper can be downloaded for free at

Instruction manual included with download.

Note: This EnScript is no longer supported and updates, bug fixes or support portal help should not be expected.

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Download Now


Version: 1.1
Tested with:
EnCase Forensic 7.08
Developer: Guidance Software
Category: Utility

242 Downloads in last 6 months