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Known _met Search and Parse

This EnScript will search all tagged items for known.met record fragments from eMule 0.5. If these records are found it will parse the records and the output will be to a tab delimited file in the default case export folder for further analysis in Excel or other spreadsheet application.

This is designed to parse known .met records recovered from a search of tagged entries.  It was written based on the file tags used in the known.met from eMule version .50 MorphXT.  It is intended to be used to carve out known.met record fragments from unallocated or slack to 'Triage' eMule activity on the drive(s). Since Unallocated space or Slack space data can run into sector boundries or have data overwritten  the data reported may contain inaccurate information and must be confirmed by manual examination of the 'Hit' using the Hit File Name and Hit Offset information in the output file.  The output file will be located in the case Export Folder titled 'known_met Record Search Results.txt'. This file is in Tab Delimited format so that it can be opened with Excel or any other application that handles Tab Delimited files.

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Version: 1.0.0
Tested with:
EnCase Forensic 7.05
Developer: William Lynn
Category: Utility

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