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File Properties

File Properties is a script to easily cut/paste selected files properties to your investigation report without using bookmarks. Some cool functionalities are added:

- Define up to 5 sets of properties which will be available from Case to Case.
- Define order in which properties will be shown
- Add day of the week after each date.
- Compute hash value even if you forgot to do it during Case processing
- Show first 16 bytes of file
- Display picture (if selected file is one picture)
- Export results (ready to be copy/pasted) to:
- Console
- Notepad
- Word (properties shown as formatted text)
- Word+ (properties shown in nice tables)

Instruction manual included with download.

Note: This EnScript is no longer supported and updates, bug fixes or support portal help should not be expected.

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Download Now


Version: 1
Tested with:
EnCase Forensic 7.03
Developer: Guidance Software
Category: Utility

15 Downloads in last 6 months