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EnScript Editor Utilities Plugin

This plugin adds a number of enhancements to the EnScript editor window.

Firstly, the script allows the programmer to lookup EnScript symbols and, optionally, insert them into the current script at the cursor. If the programmer has highlighted any code beforehand then that will be used to perform the lookup in the first instance.

The programmer can insert a highlighted symbol by double-clicking it or pressing ENTER. If the symbol is a function or property then it will insert both the name and any parameters. If the symbol is an enumerated value then it will insert the name preceded the namespace-path.

In addition to the lookup function, the script also allows the examiner to comment-out code, wrap code in a block, insert the current date in UK and US formats, and insert the full EnCase program version.

Finally, the plugin allows the examiner to set the current script as the template for new EnScripts created by the MS Windows Explorer 'New' context-menu item. This will cause the current script to be copied into a sub-folder of the current EnCase %APPDATA% folder and its path added to the Windows Registry. Note that the option to create a new EnScript may not appear the first time the 'New' Explorer menu-option is selected.

For additional information, please see the following Twitter post:

This script was developed for use in EnCase training. For more details, please click the following link:

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Version: 5.0
Tested with:
EnCase Forensic
Developer: Simon Key
Category: Utility

8 Downloads in last 6 months