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Tableau products meet the critical needs of the digital forensic community worldwide by solving challenges of forensic data acquisition. Our forensic duplicators, write-blockers, password recovery solution, adapters, and accessories are time-tested and case-proven.

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Tableau Power Supply TP6


The Tableau TP6 Power Supply is compatible with recent Tableau Forensic Imagers and Duplicators.

A fourth generation Tableau product, replacing the Tableau TP5.


Includes one standard output barrel connector, which does not require any adapters for use with Tableau Duplicators and Imagers such as TX1, TD2u and TD3.

Provides approximately 25% more power than the Tableau TP5, sufficient for device operation and also power for the maximum number of allowed connected media devices. 

Compatible with power standards worldwide.

Compatible with inexpensive IEC-compatible AC line cords worldwide.

Included in the Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager Kit and Tableau TD2u Forensic Duplicator Kit.


  • 132W power supply
  • Input: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 1.8A
  • Output: 24VDC @ 5.5A
  • Output connector: 5.5mm(O) x 2.5mm(I) x 9.5mm(L) barrel connector
  • Input line cord connector: IEC-320-C5 connector with three round prongs in a triangle shape

Quick Reference Guide

Tableau Cable and Power Supply Compatibility Chart

Provides Tableau users with cable and power supply compatibility information for all current Tableau products.

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