Adopt. Adapt. Solve for Critical Business Risks.

Let our service specialists guide you to the next level with targeted services to meet your needs. We've been there – we know the way.


Solution Implementation

Let's get your implementation off on the right foot. Our services pros can help you with:

  • Planning and design
  • Installation/Validation
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Operational Support

Integrations & Automation

The perfect solution plugs into your current infrastructure, favorite tools, and business workflows. We'll get you set up to:

  • Integrate with other tools
  • Automate incident-response workflow
  • Connect with other data repositories
  • Customize your software

Get Guidance on tap with our advisory services.

Professional Services

From deep-dive security breach response to into-the-cloud e-discovery collections, we can help you get the job done right.

  • Security incident response
  • Security investigation
  • Collection and preservation
  • Remote data collection
  • Remote data processing
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Many more...

Staff Augmentation

Let us be the safety valve when your team has an unforeseen need for more specialist bandwidth. We've helped government agencies and Fortune 100 companies with:

  • Incident Response services
  • End-to-end E-discovery services
  • Forensic Investigations

Incident Response

We set and exceed industry standards for performing incident response the right way. So you can count on our experienced specialists to help you:

  • Triage incidents
  • Identify the incident's source
  • Remediate quickly
  • Return devices to a trusted state
  • Develop a world-class program

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