Customize your EnCase Investigations with EnScript Plug-ins

56 min

EnScripts help investigators performing digital forensic examinations to streamline tasks, instantly retrieve artifacts of note, decode new datatypes and implement efficient workflows that automate repetitive tasks. EnScript Plug-ins extend the user interface of OpenText™ EnCase™ digital investigations software allowing investigators to perform tasks not possible using regular EnScripts. 

Watch the OnDemand webinar, Customize your EnCase investigations with EnScript Plug-Ins, and learn about EnCase App Central and the customizations currently available using EnScript plug-ins.

EnCase Product Manager Harp Thukral and Senior Course Developer/Instructor Simon Key will demonstrate and discuss:

  • How EnScripts automate EnCase and extend the user interface.
  • How to gain additional functionality by extending EnScripts using .NET code.
  • How to add functionality without having to wait for new product releases.
  • How to interpret data without having to extract it first.
  • How to bookmark EnScript processing results without having to import external data.
  • Why EnCase App Central is the place to join the EAC Developer Network and a great source for free EnScripts.


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