Digital evidence management

Transforming policing for the digital age

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The digital evidence management challenge

Life is becoming increasingly digital. So too is law enforcement where over 80% of the evidence collected is now digital. This leaves policing organizations with the challenge of how to manage and store the mountains of digital documents, images, videos, recordings and other digital evidence from electronic devices such as laptops, cellphones and more.

Our solution

OpenText™ Digital Evidence Center (DEC) is a digital evidence management solution (DEM) providing the ability to ingest, search, store, analyze, share and report on evidence collected in a case. Delivering evidence chain of custody to ensure admissibility in court, it is a role-based, access-controlled, cloud-native architected solution providing case management, media management, forensic evidence management and document management capabilities. As a single, centralized repository of digital evidence, it eliminates the need for detectives and other interested parties to log on to multiple systems, saving time, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and bringing cases to closure more quickly.

Video and image evidence

In-car videos, body worn camera images and other incident-related videos and images are captured for high speed scrubbing, image enhancement and collaboration.

Document evidence

Documents such as incident reports, witness and victim statements and call records are digitized and stored for case processing.

Forensic evidence

Collect evidence such as emails, browser history, images and more, from suspect laptops, computers, cellphones and other devices.

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Transforming policing in the modern age with digital evidence management.


  • Enables collaboration

    Provides evidence access to court systems, attorneys, government agencies, policing organizations and authorized members of the public.

  • Saves time and money

    Deliver collaborative management for all types of evidence results with a more efficient, cost-effective solution, minimizing the impact to resources and budgets.

  • Improve public safety

    With organized evidence collection, management and storage, close more cases quickly and increase public safety.

  • Compliant and secure

    Provide role-based access controls, audit trail functionality and CJIS, NIST and FEDRAMP compliance.

  • Easy to use

    Customized workflows, a modern, intuitive graphical user interface, and simplified navigation enable ease of use across a variety of public safety functions.

  • Ingest a variety of evidence types

    OpenText Digital Evidence Center expands beyond body worn cameras and in-car video systems to include forensic and documentary evidence.

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