OpenText Security delivers software for endpoint detection & response (EDR), risk & compliance management, e-Discovery, and corporate & law enforcement investigations.

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OpenText Security 360° Visibility

  • Powerful Detection

    Powerful threat detection capabilities identify both known and unknown threats. Continuous monitoring of endpoint anomalies and user behaviors ensures that nothing goes unnoticed.

  • Automated Response

    Quickly assess the source, scope, and impact of a threat for immediate validation and alert triage. On-demand and automated incident response capabilities provide the highest level of endpoint visibility and control.

  • Reduced Downtime

    Conduct remote and surgical remediation to kill processes, remove malicious files, and reset registry keys, all without system downtime or the need to wipe-and-reimage hard drives.

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“It’s very complimentary to a lot of other tools and actually provides information that other tools just don’t give you.”

Global Health Foods Company

“No other product in the world could do this. It's our secret weapon.”

Fortune 500 Global Automobile Manufacturer

“It helps us to mitigate any kind of cyber issues, any kind of malware that has been introduced into our network. It helps us to mitigate those threats and remove those threats from out network before there is any kind of a breach.”

Fortune 500 Luxury Resort Group

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