OpenText EnCase Information Assurance

Identify, collect and preserve data for eDiscovery, investigations and regulatory requests

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Get defensible data discovery

OpenText™ EnCase™ Information Assurance is a comprehensive and scalable solution for defensibly managing electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation, compliance and regulatory requests.

Collect and preserve ephemeral data

Search and collect data from new sources and collaboration tools, including Microsoft Teams and Slack. Capture conversations and preserve data in a forensically sound and legally admissible format.

Easy-to-use web interface

Streamline the experience and improve workflows with an enhanced web application that allows template creation and automated workflows so teams can do more with less resources.

Meet critical deadlines

Identify sensitive and regulated data across networks to make informed, quick decisions and respond efficiently to internal investigations, regulatory and eDiscovery requests.

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Key product capabilities

EnCase Information Assurance provides enterprises with visibility across endpoints, servers and the cloud to search, collect and preserve electronically stored information (ESI) discreetly and in a court-admissible format.

Automate and integrate legal holds

Organizations need a comprehensive solution to notify custodians that may be party to a litigation matter. Executing legal holds defensibly greatly reduces the risk of spoliation and sanctions.

  • Create and manage litigation holds from a single interface
  • Automate everything from legal notice to manager escalation
  • Ensure preservation obligations are fully met
  • Provide global cross-case reports
  • Deliver custodian overview dashboards

Make faster case strategy decisions

At the first sign of potential litigation, organizations need to know where their data is, who has it and how much will need to be collected to determine resources and budget.

  • Test search criteria before any data is actually collected
  • Proactively identify potential custodians and data sources
  • Gain insight within minutes versus weeks
  • Understand the proportionality of production requests

Implement a defensible process

Organizations must preserve potentially relevant data. EnCase Information Assurance enables precise collection and preservation of electronically stored information (ESI), on-premises or in the cloud, ensuring strict chain of custody.

  • Robust connectors to email sources and cloud repositories
  • Collect from popular enterprise collaboration tools
  • Preserve ESI in a forensically sound manner

Leverage strong processing capabilities

Enterprise organizations can have terabytes (and even petabytes) of data that needs to be collected and processed for review. New file formats can make this task even more challenging.

  • Eliminate up to 90% of non-responsive data
  • Remove redundant data through de-duplication and near-duplication
  • Scale to quickly process terabytes of data
  • Reduce time and costs

“To collect anything for forensic matters, cybersecurity matters or eDiscovery matters or investigations, it’s always going to be OpenText EnCase Information Assurance. You know you’re doing it right, and you know every court is signed off on it.”

Susan Jackson, Legal Counsel, Novelis

“Having a repeatable, defensible process when you have the volume of matters that we are looking at, as well as cost, it just makes sense.”

Karen Morton, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Liberty Mutual Insurance

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