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Developing the next generation of digital forensic examiners

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The education challenge

As more and more evidence in a crime becomes digital, the need for digital forensic science professionals is rapidly increasing. This demand for digital forensic investigators is putting pressure on universities and educational institutions as they try to keep pace by providing digital forensic course content for their cyber security degree programs.

Our solution

The OpenText™ Forensics Academic Program provides qualified educational institutions with the ability to create and deliver digital investigation courses. Course content helps students develop the skills needed to work as a digital forensic practitioner and provides access to market-leading digital investigation solutions and methodologies. The program is offered across three tiers, each providing specific benefits and support for the specific needs of individual educational institutions.

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  • 3 program levels

    The OpenText Forensics Academic Program is available in 3 levels designed to support your educational institution’s needs.

  • Instructor support

    Each program level includes instructor support for semester based programs, from recommended high-level course outlines to full course content.

  • Digital forensic expertise

    The OpenText Forensics Academic Program is designed and developed by a former FBI CART Program Manager, with over 20 years of real-world expertise.


  • Save valuable academic resources

    Developing a digital forensics curriculum with access to forensic tools can be timely and expensive. The OpenText Forensics Academic Program frees up resources.

  • Develop practical skills

    Students develop a technical aptitude, analytical talents, comprehension of cybersecurity, knowledge of criminal law, investigations and more.

  • Use market-leading investigation tools

    Students gain the knowledge needed to pursue a career in digital forensics by getting hands-on experience with the industry's leading tools.

  • Learn industry workflows

    Understanding the typical workflows, timelines and processes used in modern-day digital investigations will help students prepare for a career in digital forensics.

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