The Total Economic Impact Of EnCase Endpoint Security For Incident Response

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A global automobile manufacturer (GAM) opened its doors, books, and data to research firm Forrester to conduct a detailed study and analysis of the net benefit the manufacturer realized from the use of Incident Response (IR) capabilities of EnCase Endpoint Security. Using the GAM as the basis of their analysis, Forrester applied risk-adjusted calculations to the return on investment and net benefits the GAM experienced in order to provide realistic expectations of the total economic impact that organizations can achieve by implementing EnCase Endpoint Security.  As a result, the findings of the commissioned study reveal that EnCase Endpoint Security users can expect an 89% reduction in the amount of time it takes to identify threats and develop a remediation plan, as well as a 388% return on over three years. Other findings of the study include a payback period of just over four months, a dramatic reduction in time to detect and remediate breaches, and a substantially lower impact on business operations.

About EnCase Endpoint Security

EnCase Endpoint Security empowers customers to rapidly respond to security breaches and to effectively discover sensitive data residing anywhere on their networks. Unlike other security solutions that monitor data in motion or use a signature-based approach to detect known threats, EnCase Endpoint Security delivers comprehensive visibility across all endpoints and servers on the network and enables the rapid triage and remediation of security breaches, as well as locates and wipes errant sensitive data in unauthorized locations for security and compliance purposes.

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